Steven the Vegan

Steven the Vegan is a children’s picture book written by Dan Bodenstein and illustrated by Ron Robrahn. The story takes place during a school field trip to a farm sanctuary, where Steven’s classmates learn that he is a vegan. Steven proceeds to teach them what a vegan is, and more importantly, why animals are his friends, not his food.

The book was designed to help vegan children learn how they can explain to their friends what it means to be vegan. It also serves to teach children, where their animal based food comes from. It takes a heart-filled, and colorful approach to teaching about the vegan lifestyle without resorting to scare tactics.

With more and more public spotlight appearing on vegans, this book is ideal for teaching, children in simple terms, what a vegan is.

This book was something I was compelled to do, much like my first book, The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle. The story for Steven went through several iterations. It wasn’t until I stumbled across an article which contained one sentence that I was inspired. That sentence was “Most children don’t know where their favorite foods come from.” It was then that I knew what I had to do. Within a few hours, the outline for the story was completed.

I was fortunate to reunite with an old friend from high school who is a fantastic illustrator. He has a natural gift for creating characters that people instantly adore. It was important to me that the animals depicted in the story be cute, and endearing.

The goal of Steven the Vegan is to educate children, and help them understand that using animals as food is not necessary. Animals, all kinds, are friends and not food.