Traveling-StevenTraveling Steven

Let’s take Steven the Vegan on an adventure.

What is Traveling Steven?

The basic principle of “Traveling Steven”  is to connect your child to their vegan lifestyle, and to spark imagination. Children can also write stories about what Steven was doing or what they and Steven encountered on their adventure. To begin your own adventure you can download the Traveling Steven template. Then take photos of Steven with people, places or things. Tell us where you took the picture, and why. Your picture can end up on the home page of the official Steven the Vegan website and of Steven’s very own facebook page.

What should I take pictures of?

Anything you want, as long as it’s kid and vegan friendly. To help you get started, here’s a list of do’s and don’t. 

Do take pictures of Steven with : 

  • Your favorite pet. 
  • At your favorite vegan restaurant (be sure to tell us what it is)
  • Vacation spots, theme parks, National Parks, and more. 
  • Your birthday party or other celebrations.

Don’t take pictures of Steven with : 

  • Anything non-vegan, like meat, poultry or milk. 
  • People without their permission. 
  • Places that may be dangerous for you. 

Use common sense when taking pictures of Steven.

What do I do with my pictures?

When you have your photo ready, you can send them to us using the submit form. Your photo may appear on our home page, and on our Facebook Page.